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Blindness—the English nation; “none are so blind as those who won’t see.”

Piggott’s Political Dictionary (1795)

Title page for Circling the Year
Railway Trains in Space
Vicorian room used as a border
The Abandoned Water-Mill
The Village Blacksmith
Dark Passion Flowers
1675.—North side of the Priory Cloisters, Christ’s Hospital.
2085.—[Samuel] Butler’s House, Pershore
Frontispiece: The Snow Sweepers (1865)
Armillary Sphere, Scanned Version
Front Cover - The Circling Year
Vintage gold circular leaf border or frame
Vintage Signs of the Zodiac from Woodcuts
Historiated decorative initial capital letter M in Blue
Front Cover, Fabiola
Bird fishing
Sir Isaac Newton

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